Perhaps I Share To Much,Place The Info Online For Not 2000 dollars,not even 200 dollars $49.99!

I don't share that much really,just some good basic tips.I answer e-mail questions the best that I can.Yet in life you don't want your left hand to tell the right hand what you are doing.Everything these days are just too damn crooked.You develop a concept and present it to a high authority and they will tell you "It is garbage" and then after you leave they will steal the best parts of it,use them and cut you out of the credits.How can you protect yourself?Before you present anything you must get a copyright for it.Do you know that in a legal copyright dispute you will be represented by the United States Attorney?Free of charge!They will settle with you out of court.You also want to retain for yourself a music business attorney.YOU DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL THEY GET A READ ON IT!This is kind of pricey $150.00 dollars an hour,money well spent my friend.I was about to sign a contract with Jetspeed records but allowed my attorney to peruse it,she said "This has got to be one of the worst contracts I have ever seen,if you do not sign it I will not bill you for my time."This is your reward for associating with good people.Oh yes people put me down and talk bad about me all of the time.WTF do I care?I have a big score coming and am in position for it.I put the work in.

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