Personal Relationships?

None except my son.My family and my art.I wish sometimes I could handle that yet I can't.Too much is required.It is just too complicated and I am not together personally the way that I would like.You have to get that sorted out first.Established as an artist.In younger years gone by I would find the time and energy for that.My larger concern is my professional relationships.I don't want to sit on the couch and watch TV.I get off work and am on the hustle.I don't give a fuck about the cat,I use to sleep with a panther,she was easier to deal with than a house cat as long as i had the whiskey.My house cats were all good.Love me? You do not even have a clue what that is,sex..well okay I like that.Yet I am not going to be your personal ox because I managed to get laid.I get let down by that whole thing,if you shag out one chick or the other what is the difference?Is she concerned about your interests as well as hers?There are women that are that way,long ball hitters.She is your pride and joy,your pretty little thing.She may only be 98 pounds soaking wet or 300 pounds lying on the beach,if she is your lady and you dig her she IS YOUR PRETTY LITTLE THING.And she cares for you as you care for her.Now you cannot be a bullshit man to score a girl like this.Not to be able to behold her.Her conversation with you is intelligent she is all beaming and bubbly when she sees you..."do you want more coffee?" She has got her world together and you have got your world together too..You want her to respect you and be worthy of it! She loves sex and is so hot!

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