Playing To A Riot.

Oh man,that is the best!you may get torn limb from limb and have your guitar peeled off of you.Girls are crazy you know,Struggling to get to the microphone with three girls hugging on you.Trying to sing with ass pressed on your axe and getting kissed all over your face.So yes the sound may suffer but who cares at that point?Don't get me wrong here,this is not something that happens all of the time it is very rare,the right place at the right time and it does not lead to an orgy after the show,I mean their boyfriends/fiances/ husbands are in the audience,the one that took them to the show and the one they are going to leave with.And I am feeling pretty happy about it.Reeking of female perfume!I have been in my life very heavily censored by the mass media.It sucks big time yet what can I do about it?I haven't quit, which is what they would expect.I find ways to slide in between the cracks.I am an artist,not a sex symbol.An empty that,it is my skill and knowledge that will triumph.I shall sit on the patio of my penthouse and strum the same chords on my guitar with my pet wolf lying at my feet.I may have lost every battle but I won the war,I am a consummate professional.Yes my age may enter into that,after you hit fifty if you can still dream about anything it is a wonder.Yet I will hit the stage Friday night just like when I was a puppy but I am a big dog now

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