Recording Artist ?

Yes,primarily so.I turned in my time on the road.A good many years of shaking my ass up and down the Rocky Mountains.Swinging my guitar and singing my song.There is talk of me going on the road again,if it were organized I would surely do it.Yet not on some crazy launch,booked through a good agency.Playing live around to or in the state that is all good,yet out of state I would have to have a good agent.As well as a good manager.It is very cool when after you have spent 25 hours locked in a van,It is cold and you are tired.Yet your destination is The Hilton Hotel in Caspar,Wy.When you get there they know who you are and why you are there.Your toasty warm room is ready,the show is tomorrow night.A hot shower and of you go to bed.The Casper Hilton is swank man,way out west it is!I got fortunate enough to be able to have my wife Tammy Love, to be on the road with me.Oh man I was so happy!Tammy loved it too!We just had so much fun,we hated it when we had to go back to Nashville,nothing wrong with Nashville yet we got returned to our real life there living on a campground in a converted school bus.May God bless that campground and wherever that school bus is.On the road we knew we had steady money coming.In town it was iffy at best.Oh thank you to Chuggers Lounge, And oh so many thanks to Bobby and Becca.And The Marv Dennis Agency!

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