Recording Session 10 AM @ Abbey Road South!

My most beloved younger brother Davy Boy (The Circus drummer) doing the drums for the lead single and film soundtrack on my new album.It is of course a film session as well and a very hard fit because he is always on the road performing for comedic genius Dennis Lee.The little blighter successfully ran away to the circus as he decided he was going to make his money playing the drums and nothing else.And he was upset because he knew I was doing this session and used a session drummer on it,"what,a bloody session drummer on one of your records,your kidding me aren't you,I am your session drummer,you ain't even going to give me a crack at it?You just can't wait a couple of weeks until I get back to town you f--k--g Scrooge you.I have to be where my money is,I do 3 to 4 shows everyday you little pansy,Mr. Executive Producer,all over the USA non stop.If you are such a great exec producer it is your job to work this out.And I want my session fees paid out cash mate."I really like this,a spark of jealousy with a hint of creative combat.All of this was four months in the careful planning.The focus if you will.Ignoring all of the distractions to get this session together,my heart was even broken during the course of it.I feel so empty and abandoned.I can only just hang out with our hunting dogs.My producer, Kenny Veenstra, is licking his chops over all of this."I am so tired of recording bullshit,this is the perfect situation!They are putty in my hands.I shall break both of them down to hammered shit and rebuild them." The session guy did a good job,he is very talented yet you see we need a very high intensity environment to work in.We have got to score a hit that is beyond reproach.

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