Sessions Like Pulling Teeth??What Fun Is That?

I made it sound pretty bad didn't I?It has been a lot of work,almost two years.And it has way morphed from how it started out,Acoustic and unplugged with a female lead vocalist.As basic and bare bones as possible.We rehearsed it out on the shrimp docks late at night and it was great fun yet one by one all of the female singers refused to sing the song.I was hoping and trying to track down Michelle Rene to do it,it was perfect for her.Yet alas the word came back that she had passed on to the next plane.I approached eight different ladies asking them to do it and they would rehearse it or listen to the dubs and say "I would NEVER sing that song." I spent a couple of months on this after recording the initial rhythm track finally to accept as an omen that I was not going to get a female lead on the track.At least not on the initial release.Normally I do the lead vocals but from time to time I like to bring another singer in that I admire and back them up.It gets away from the same old all the time,changes the dynamics of things.and on this tune it was a gender change in the lyrics.But finding a female singer just went on and on and I realized it just was not to be.Michelle Rene was gone.(Breast Cancer-age 28)Moving forward now in terms of production I was busy between two recording studios,the rhythm tracks being done at Colorama Studios and moving that format to Abbey Road South for Ken to enter in as producer.And the original basic acoustic track began to expand all by itself.I am not sure how to explain it,the thing started to breathe all by itself sitting in the can on the hard drives,it just expanded and contracted and I was trying to keep a lid on it.Ask Kenny on that,I wanted as basic a track as possible yet the track was alive and had taken on a life of it's own and I had to surrender being the director and become a vehicle.Of course we have saves of the acoustic versions and even some of the early rehearsals which will be released to show you what I mean.From time to time(in return for free studio time) I function as an artist as producer for engineering student seminars,starting with Full Sail and Jon Phelps way back in 1978 At Bee Jays Studios/Orlando.I would cop from Dr. Pallbearer and say "well class let's go into the lab and see what is on the slab."They would respond with "Dr.Funkenstein,IT IS ALIVE! and such is the case here.I must be getting beamed from the mother ship.I have to keep the monster alive,protect it and allow it to grow.I cannot allow the world to kill it.I must have no distractions in the laboratory.Topping this off the song is a cover and I rarely do covers,doing a song I didn't write I would prefer to find an unknown writer who had a tune that suited my style.It is great to also be the writer and also great to be an artist doing a great song.I make the covers all my own,they are not copy tunes.It of course is wonderful to write all of your own material and I am a serious writer,to fall into the cover trap is usually the tip off that the imagination of the group is on the wane.Plus their cover really sucks!And for a group or artist to be successful and going places doing material written by great writers as apposed to going no place writing your own material,you make the call on that one."Choose wisely dear."Now you must give proper credit and pay royalties for this.And it keeps the songwriting industry would think that in Nashville it is country music that pays the freight in that town and massive as that is and will be forever it is MUSIC PUBLISHING that goes KABOOM! in that fair city.

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