So How Did It Stop In America?

To be a free person and an active part of a society that is free you have to have a job if you are capable of working.The best form of economic recovery is to have a job and that is what was taken away from us.That is what is reducing our nation day by day.Working and being diligent to your job is a hard thing to do,you have to play by the rules and be where your money is.If you want to keep your job you have got to be reliable and produce.Your employer is going to exploit your labors for their profit,that is their right,you have agreed to work for them,being exploited if you look it up is not such a bad thing because if you are wise with your nickles and dimes you may figure out your own path in life.You may keep your job with it's benefits and still get a little thing going which is good for you and your family.It is wonderful to have a roof over your head.To pay your bills,go to the doctor and dentist for your health and have your self respect.Perhaps you have a master plan working and you can go from washing dishes to owning your own business,being the next Bill Gates perhaps.We have this thing in America called "The Dream."in all of history in any society created nothing like this was ever possible.Yet it is not an easy thing to do,it is not just going to fall into your lap.You have to have a plan together and be working it.It's a journey,not a destination.Things may not pan out as you expected,you have got to go a bit deeper and work a bit harder.Learn from your failures how to do it right.This is relevant not just to music as I do,but anything,you may be happy to own your own hot dog stand on 43 NYC.

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