"so Now What Rene?"

So now What?...The final details are going on the current film,licenses,ect,it is almost ready to release plus I am composing the soundtrack to the next project.My producer eased me away from doing other people's material right now.There is talk of the film becoming a series yet it is too early to tell about that.some healthy live dates are coming in from The Blue man kicking up the pace around here a bit.The creative sparks are good,it's all on a clean new slate.For a long time I was dragging around a bunch of shit with me,personally and professionally.A huge tax bill was hanging over my head as now I am not coming down from the clouds as a rockstar but coming out of the same life as you,as everyman.A normal everyday working class Joe.So I can write related to that.I am going to turn on the tape machine and do a few more passes of the tune.I will be releasing soon,I hope that you enjoy it.

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