So What Is The Thing That is Going To Last?

The Thing That has been recorded correctly.In whichever medium you are using.Yet to achieve professional results you must have professional technique.You can't hobby this thing,some of those closest to me beg me to stop,to cut the journey that I have to take stop being creative,to stop coming up with ideas.This is my life to live not yours.You are not going to die for me so stop acting like that,stop acting like if I would cease being creative YOUR life would be okay.Live your life for you alright?Find out like I did what you have got to do and do it.I can't stand for somebody else to tell me who I am,or who I ought to be.I know who I am.Whole,perfect,and complete.It is what you think it is and you have shouldered the task to build it."Make it just a hobby so you will be safe,You can be an ameteur.

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