So you No Longer Play live?

That sounds like some kind of commandment.Yes I still perform live.But i cant rely upon that to pay the bills.In the nightclubs at one time we would work six nights a week.So you were making 500 bucks a week to be a musician.Those days are so long over,most nightclubs just have live music,if at all,on the weekend.And a hundred bands are lined up to play very club.Most of them very amateur,clubowners who want to have live music see a deal they can take advantage of to get a band to play very cheap but this is not a seasoned and expierenced group.They are fresh out of the practice studio.They will play for free draft beer.They sound like that too...they are not tight,they have no dynamics and they drive your regular customers out the door.In a way that was cool because on friday night all of their high school friends came out to see them but on saturday night the joint was dead.People do not have money to go out anymore.That is a fact.Back in the day you would see the same faces every night.And when you went up to play in Georgia they would follow you.It just is not like that now.I chose to semi-retire.I did not want to fuck with a band anymore.In the studio I did not need one.You can't make a living playing the clubs,that is all over and done.I cannot dedicate my life to doing that.I would starve.The work is just not there anymore.

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