Studio Log April 5,Will I Have Time To Do The Electric Guitar?

I could cut it in an hour,it is all worked out and rehearsed.Yet tailoring the drums is the priority.Remember this is a film soundtrack.the tune is yet is not being done for radio and has several alternate versions.It is a single,I will tell you that.On ALL of my record contracts I am a singles artist.Yet my current producer wants an album project.Which I agreed to so I could record at Abbey Road South.In old Soho.Right next to Bern's steakhouse!I have to tell you,this is the world's finest steakhouse.Totally organic,to the point that they grow their own organic produce!you can get one of these steaks for 12 bucks.You drop by early in the day at the bar and order a steak sandwich.You are munching upon a two yardnote piece of world premier steak for less than fifteen bucks! If they care about the produce so much how do you think they handle their beef?Does it have hormones or pesticides?Taste it and see...I will bring my stuff to the studio ready to go,Ken will decide what is what.Wisely I gave him control.

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