Success As A Musician!

Times are hard in may ways,the old clubs have all closed.The old world model of the electric age music business is gone,right now it just is not forgotten.You have got 100 bands for any club gig.Straight from the warehouse or bedroom to the stage.For a band to begin to become really tight it takes six months of steady playing out after all of the rehearsal time top get tight,to get the dynamics together.These are groups that are not going to play for free draft beer and drive your audience out of the club.If I am going to be local I don't want to play the honky tonks anymore.I want to play the top spots.Three yards a night as a full time professional musician.6 nights a week.I can't tell you my plan.I will show you the results.I am stepping up into the new school.It hit me from a way I never expected.I was all about the guitar yet when i went to NYC the last time I had Charlie Parker's hotel room at the Milford Plaza,but the ghost that came to haunt me was T.Monk.

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