The Amps In the Studio-cranked!

Cranked really,really bad.If you were to be in the recording room with the amps I was using you would walk out deaf.This was not me by the way it was my recording engineers.They were not at all with the master volume thing because that is a clipped pre-amp causing the distortion,they wanted the distortion coming from the output stage of the amplifier.Not from the little 12ax7 tubes but the 6l6's or the Sovtecs.And wow does that make the guitar come alive!You just hold it and touch it anywhere and it starts to whine and howl!Then they would lean upon me about the content of what I was playing,"why do you need all of those notes,I don't hear shit in here.I am not going to record this,SLOW it down man and make it count!"Come on fucking Jimi Hendrix play some lead guitar!"I don't get all upset about being directed.These cats know what they are talking about.And I am an educated person,I want to get out of here with the BEST track I can lay down!And they want me to have that or else they would just go along with it take their pay and leave."You sure are playing a lot of notes,It would be nice if they meant something but I am not hearing anything I would want to mix."Cranked man,all the way...that is how it is my dear reader/listener.

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