The Guitar Work On "American Idol Audition"

What a blast!It all started from a gut string guitar a friend gave me,a really funky little Yamaha that looked hideous but sounded so great.Oh man did I go to town here,There are 168 composite complete guitar tracks, a total dream world for a guitar player.I have a really good friend "Pop" I call him ( Jim Boyd) who has an acoustic guitar collection to die for.Plus some very fine electrics ( he is holding my Les Custom for me)but moreso killer acoustics with the emphasis on guts.!12 strings,So I was hitting him up in session for some of his prime pieces.They are clean,they are strung,perfect intonation. The electric guitar work was done on my white Les Paul Custom with my multivox little david leading up to the guitar solo.This was the electric rhythm guitar work. Then came the session for the electric solo.Studio B at morrisound,I set up the design,two marshall vintage plexies ( no master volumes) with one stack apiece,pre-amped by two avalon's patched to the SSL Console.I wanted the distortion to come from the output stages of the Plexies.I arrived at the studio with my white SG Les Paul Custom but my producer Tom Morris wanted me to use his Black Les Paul Custom."I think my guitar would be the better choice,he said."I did the solo from the control room,he did all of the adjustments on the guitar and the amps,I just got so high doing it.The full bodied LP had more boost to work with in the mids and lower end.At this level of power my SG type,which I normally prefer would have started howling whevever I touched her.I could have managed that by muting her yet I think Tom was right.this guitar was stolen from him in the studio heist of morrisound.He would really appreciate to get it back.

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