The Hardest Thing To Do Is Be Yourself

That's what really breaks you out you know,your own sound and style that is immediately recognizable.It's hard because you are influenced in what you do by the things you dig.That also is true of those that influenced you.So the thing to do is go much further back to find out what makes them tick.The coolest example of this I think in the 20th century was the Chicago blues men and bands of the late forties early fifties."We would all go by and holler at each other watching them play then we would sit and talk over drinks,that's how we put it together in Chicago.There was a lot of money floating about in the clubs.We would cop eachother's licks,far from being upset or angry about it we would be flattered by it and we got some good things from them so it all was cool.It was a local scene just in Chicago,which is a very powerful city full of resource and we had no idea that it was going to float out to the rest of the world.To become the essence of Rock and Roll." So you have got that,now where did these guys get it from,most of them migrated to Chicago from the deep south to find good work and brought something with them.In the words of Otis Rush,"As a child I would labor in the cotton fields of Greenville,Mississippi just to get to the jukebox to drop my last dime in to hear John Lee Hooker sing Big Mama Jump."

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