The Image Blizzard

We were strongly advised by our radio promoters to not release any images because we were not teenagers anymore.Like people were not going to find that out sooner or later and at our shows and concerts nobody cared.The racial thing was coming now to an end.In terms of art anyway.We had been around for a long time.Were getting ready to do or first real US tour and start making decent money.2 grand a show sounded kingly to us,we were rehearsing our concert set in a small but very cool club,Instead of doing five sets a night we did two shows of the concert live and were paid fifty bucks apiece.They were both pretty angry with me about that especially when the house was packed.Yet I was selling cd's like hotcakes up to 25 bucks for a single and would split that with them.All week long we would rehearse the concert set at my home and fine tune it.The single was getting to be way overdue which ended up being a year and a half.Chip was the first to tire of it,it had been years and years of all kinds of shit. He felt that he ought to be making about three grand a week.And he was well worth that easy.Yet again we were stuck,all of the odds against us.And he walked out.I did the best that I could to uphold my end of the deal to the point of mortgaging my home and losing it over the single.I had to call up and cancel dates,there were parts of the country that we were red hot,WLAZ in Hot Springs,AK had us in full rotation.Many stations in the secondary markets were very loyal to us,the single,released a year and a half overdue came out after the band had demised.We could not tour behind it.It was pretty bad at the end,Chip and Marvin getting into fistfights onstage after for so long it was us against the world.And at this time I was also raising a child up.For no real reason we were blackballed.The Black Beatles.I walked up onstage all alone for the final show.Lost my home the next day.But for my son and my copyrights, lost all of my worldly possessions,the band made nowhere near the same sacrifice.They were safe at home.And it is all good as I am a survivor,I own it,I paid for it and it belongs to me.You have your share,gladly paid yes, yet not in the publishing of it.Just to have hung in there a bit longer would have made the difference.After all we went through to drive it home and kick down the fence.To really be "The Black Beatles." That is what you walked away from to become "Nowhere Man"

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