The Mix Of Digital and Analog

Strict digital recording is to go in and lay down composite tracks that the producer puts together to weave a song out of it.Cut and Paste simply.Pro Tools does not have a problem with you doing it analog style as into a magnetic tape machine.In fact it is much easier to deal with unless you lose a file.If I am contracted to do it digitally I can do that yet if doing my thing I want an analog style performance recorded.Then you can still cut and paste when you need to.Provided you are laying the rhythm track on a click track.And if you have skill you can play around the click track.Not the bass and the drums,they have to be top dead center.Studying piano as a child my instructor always used a metronome.First off on the sheet music are the key and time signatures,the time sig giving the value mostly to the quarter note for beats per minute.Many cats can do impressive shows live for a bunch of drunks yet in the studio they are lost.They can't hold the time sig,a major producer will not hesitate to replace them with a session musician.

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