The New Track

It has been like pulling teeth.From day number one.Very rewarding also by the same token.A tremendous amount of work has gone into it.The bar standard of a professional recording has been raised much higher.You have to be in there with that with preparations for multiple format application.It is just an aghast thing when you have to re-call a session.In some things it is good to know when to call it a day.I am not into "fixing it in the mix," okay perhaps a little tweak or two but for a good rock record I want what is going to be used to be on the original track.The entire performance of the tune.All of the glue right on the floor.When you have to go in there and start shifting everything around,on my music that just does not work.You can't pull out the second chorus and paste the first one in there,it may be the same part yes but on the second round it has a different dynamic to it.It's not a loop it is a performance,hand crafted.

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