The only way to do it for me

Is to write songs and record them in the recording studio.There,unlike onstage,I can do all or most all of the parts.As I was trained to do.The singing,lead and harmonies, The guitars,rhythm and lead,The bass,electric or double bass,to include five string,$ string electric is still 0kay,the keyboards,the grand piano,Hammond organ,what have you?And a bunch of other exotic instruments I have adapted too.I could not any way do all of that onstage.Not without a band.It is not time yet to get a band together.I wish it was.It is so great to get together with some great players and do a little jam and say "Hey,let's become a band."You know if you can get a group of people together to pull in the same direction you are going to make things happen.You get a set of kick ass covers together,as well as the originals and hit the pub to play.It is not that way anymore.It is hard for the pub's to pay you.And they would gladly pay if you were selling enough drink.And that is it too..You fill up the dance floor and make people thirsty.Or perhaps they just want to watch you do your thing.Have a great dinner,don't worry about it,if it is good they will start dancing.The new project is on it's way!

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