The Rock And Roll Lifestyle/Do You Live It?

Oh you mean Like rock and roll all night and party every day? I grew up through all of that.Or should I say I survived it.Some of it was fun and some of it was horrific.When I became a dad I had to leave that crazy life and the crazy people.A single Dad has to be home every night.And you can only burn the candle at both ends for so long anyway,I knew a lot of friends who just burned up....bad.I became more concerned with being an artist and producer more than a rock rebel.Yes sometimes I still have to get back out there and it can be a lot of fun but it is like popin/pop out.And I work with good people.That guy onstage is an act.And for years I was that guy offstage too.playing 300plus dates a year all over the place how can you help it?In your time off you don't have a home life,it is just a bus stop.Crashing on somebody's couch,for five or six years I lived in a converted band school bus.You don't really think about it you know,it's normal to you.

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