The View Is One Of Persistance

That's all that I pretty much had to go on.The greater majority of it was always a huge struggle to me.I've never had a good manager.A few shining moments come along here and there,a couple of really hot concerts,full house nightclubs with a long queue waiting at the door to get in,At that point you figure you don't have to worry to much but something would always backfire at the wrong moment and you are back at the damn drawing board again.Realistically one would have to figure this in.At this point in time the internet did not exist as it does today.It did not exist at all if you can believe that.So in what you were doing you did not have a far reach to expose people to it other than to hit the road.At lot of bands were doing it too.Criss crossing all over the USA in vans pulling trailers.There were a lot of places to play.And again people were not sitting at home looking at computer screens,they wanted to get out and about.Young and restless,you would see the same people every night coming out.You would perform six nights a week till 3am,go back to the hotel or the band house/trailer and die for the die,they would go to work and the next night there they were again!Dancing,drinking,and carrying on.During the day they were productive workers too,how wonderful to be young and charged up like that!We felt as our parents did in their time that it would always be that way yet time marches on.The USA was so totally rocking!We were enjoying a freedom also at that time that does not exist anymore today.Money was tight yes but things were not as expensive.Everybody had jobs,graduated high school or college,we were at heart good kids,we did not have to be tracked and monitored as it all is today.We just knew how to behave.

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