Things I See That Make Me Sad.

It does not have a point to dwell upon,there is nothing there.Nothing has ever been there,nothing that I am a part of.Nothing that is a part of me.Whatever it is, it is behind a wall someplace,untouchable and intangible to me.Behind a veil,that is better,I can kind of see it but I can't.Very clearly I don't belong there obsessing over it.I already let it go but it keeps coming back...why?It seems so easy yet becomes to hard.And the end result is always the same.It is not a reality.I have to take stock on it,it did not make it then and it ain't gonna make it now.It will never come out from behind the veiled curtain so I can see it,touch it and hold it with my hands.Like it is in danger if I really see it.It is a shadow of someplace in my past.A lovely shadow,I chase dreams,not chase a shadow is foolish,like a puppy chasing it's tail.You can make an effort and at least catch the tail of a dream.A shadow is always illusive.So I say let the shadow catch me if it can.And it is too late in the day,shadows are doomed to fade.A shadow will not chase you it will only tag you and say "Your it" chase me! And then it is only to fade away.I choose to persue the light,I have to look forward not back.The thing you saw back there no longer exists.And I love it for what it is and what it was.It is better that I get back to work singing songs.I am happy when I am working.I am in control of that.Whatever happens it is all up to me.I drop the moves.I call a thing into existence out of nothing.

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