(Update)What Made You Angry Today?

I stayed after my shift to make a very simple request to my supervisor,a thing for her to please consider,I have what would would considered a good job in America today,far below my skill level and education yet I need to have it and am thankful for it.Am very adept at it too.My son as well is on board as a major player.The main objective that my supervisor wanted to relate to me was that I was an idiot,although my company makes major use of my ideas at many turns,of course not giving me credit for them yet I was spoken to like I was a baboon that had not reached the same level of evolution,as though I walked into the office on my knuckles.I posses a bachelors degree in business management,that was my major.I minored in English for 4 years plus my regular schooling,I have a very strong command of the English language as well as French,Spanish,and German.More important than that I am an adroit gentlemen and a skilled artist and respected scientist in the recording arts.Completely condescended upon.Spoken to as though I was a feeble idiot,just a simple "yes Rene, I will consider your request" would have been fine yet it was not that, I had to consider that I was a low watt idiot which I will by no means consider.I would consider my treatment to be very gauche actually.The request I had submitted had already been granted to another employee that was worthy of it and I am happy for them,that  was all that had to be said,I have got my spot,I was simply making an inquiry.For that I was spoken to as though I were a dolt,an imbecile if you will and all of this silly false intrigue and drama had to be kicked into it.And I was to except the fact that I am a dolt and leave the office walking upon my knuckles."be gone dolt,leave imbecile!"Let us take a look at the core character I find @my company,just this local division is going to top out this year at seven mil after taxes and expenses.The profit margin.My final essay and college term paper was about "The Social Responsibility Of A Successful Business in It's community."In savouring it's success what did it return to it's community in terms of any form of social advancement? A new little league ball park,College sponsorship,YMCA memberships for needy kids,a community theater,even simply to just adopt  the roads around it to pick up the trash everyday,assist in funding free meals for the unfortunate, support the local symphony orchestra,contributed to St Judes Hospital for children??No....not one damn penny,they took the money and ran.And at the same time laid the footprint of the character of their business.For all to all me.Gimme mines,"I am a pillar of integrity."Really?Enjoy your day today because it is all you have..."There are no golf courses in Hell

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