Well.Gregg Pruitt Was In On Me Getting A Copy Of The Masters

In a more candid moment on the plane Gregg asked me how much cash I had."When We are done I want you to have a copy of it."It cost me a yard and a half for a quarter inch two track master.Good thing too because "Blackstarr" got lost in history.Gregg passed away 7 years ago I said goodbye to him at his funeral and said "I got it man."Blackstarr" scared the shit out of the major labels,this was what Larry Blackmon wanted to do with his band "Cameo."They wanted to enter the white rock music world with a black band."Blackstarr" was much more militant than that,they did not like white people and did not want to play for them,nor did they have to.The creative genius of "Blackstarr" was Shawn Brown.and producer/co-writer Rick Thomas.what bugged everyone up was this whiteboy guitar player and his soulful guitar playing.They loved me so dearly and at the same time resented me so much.And oh man how much they empowered me,cut me down to shit and built me back up with these economical tasty little funk licks that they taught me how to do and then out of jealousy would turn my guitar off onstage and do all kinds of stupid shit.At the Bayfront center warming up for Rufus and Chacka Kahn they turned of my guitar as they did numerous times and I just walked off the stage,I really loved what I was doing,I was the most economical and tightest guitar player in the world.I thought that I would meet and greet many great black artists and do guitar on their recordings.I did not do any guitar solos,I just slammed the pocket.I did not care about doing solos.Shawn carried the ball,no solos were needed.It was their racist mindset that killed them and but for me and Gregg you never would have heard this phenomenal music.But here 'tis.

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