Well,I will tell you on my guitar tracks

My producer and recording engineers were already very advanced guitarists.and had worked with so many fantastic guys that it came down to them telling me all about what to play...where and when.They set the tones on the amps and the guitars.Then I balled the jack.I just plugged in and played.Well as set up was going on I was expecteted to be tuning the guitars on the Conn Strobetuner and doing the tech work,which is fun for me and then I would get to plug into the awesome tonal range provided me.I would set up how I wanted to be amped for a track,some really crazy stuff too yet you must understand that at Morrisound with all of those awesome guitarplayers I could have any configuration you could imagine down to the original Gibson Les Paul Amp for My Les Paul Professional "Black Beauty."A low impedance rig,but I did none of the adjustments anywhere,they would set up the EQ and the volumes,everything was done dry.The disortion you hear on the guitars all come from the output stage of the amps.I prefer to cut solos from the control room,I mean that stuff is REALLY loud,they are all up and down on me about tones and all of the time to play as little as possible."We want to blow it up for you Rene,the less you play the more we can do!"All that I could say is "give me my cord and let me plug in,I am in tune."

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