What About Fender Telecastors?

I would not choose one,I owned one once but let it go,well no...a girlfriend smashed it to pieces in a jealous rage to see if I would beat her up over it.I didn't,moreover I felt sorry for her childish temper tantrum okay,obviously it is time to pack my bags and head on down the road again.I am sure that my Les Paul Custom was next on the target list.Smashing the Telecastor did not have enough required effect to land me in jail for beating up my lovermate in a domestic dispute.Asta la vista,and viya con Dios my friend.Oh yes and my black strat also got totaled that night,I had forgotten about that joyous occasion.They were laying in pieces all over the street in front of the house.I packed my suitcase and picked up my Les Paul and split on down the moonlight mile.I don't care how good the sex is,I am not going to live like that.I Have never used one live on stage but in the studio were a couple of times that the producer insisted that I use one and in post-production I understood why.I have a couple of guitar buddies and that is all that they use and they make it talk too!when I sling one on it just does not feel comfortable to me.It doesn't ride on my hip right.

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