What About Rock Guitar hero?

Thats Eric Clapton.You might and rightfully say Jimi but Eric is still with us and functioning.That soft spoken man from Ripley in the UK is the cat's ass for rock guitar.The biggest money guy of them all.He does not do splits nor cartwheels,doesn't do windmills or matadors,doesn't dance around nor smash or set his guitars aflame.He just walks up onstage and stands there and wails the living shit out of his guitar.He sings very well also..people say he plays a lot of licks from a lot of guys but that ain't so...those are his licks.Clapton licks man.Never in a hurry and never trying to impress.Never has to compromise to anyone.Always in demand.Always a total sellout show.There are many guys that are fabulous for many good reasons.Just the same of all of it Eric Clapton is and has been for decades the world's premier rock guitarist.

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