What About The Big Time Man?

I don't know about that,I think you have to commit to some choices that you can't get out of.I just want to create the best music that I can and enjoy what I am doing,and to do that I have to know what I am doing and be in control of it.There are a lot of temptations and distractions that go along with art.Before you know it the drugs are more important then the art.You are addicted and can't function without it.And they lay the real heavy pharmaceutical stuff on you.I don't want to know,those I know that went that route got wasted and became non-functional,unless they were fucked up they could not operate and they fucked it up for everyone else involved,they are just high,they aren't doing anything that impressive and they are not fun to work with.They are a whiny pain in the ass.The people in my production arena, it is not like that at all.My producer is very intense and would not tolerate it.Well I may have a shot of bourbon whiskey to chill me a little bit but is is mostly good coffee.Espresso.The high is the tune and you don't ever know when you go into the studio if you are going to be able to pull it off.It is a roller coaster ride.I am not a major label artist yet I am a professional,I show up on time ready to deliver the goods,whatever I am doing in the studio has been rehearsed inside and out.I do proper warm ups and cool downs.Constantly I am coached by the best coaches I can find.I want to do my best with this thing I love so much.To do with four octaves your vocals and I mean in control of it too.My producer is just cruising along with it.All of this over singing and auto-tuner shit,and I can spot that right away,you open a precious little music box and it plays this wonderful simple beautiful melody.Now it seems that every big time pro singer wants to push all of this "soul sounding" stuff into it,a wonderful singer too who could just do the melody the way it is written and that is well enough.The songwriter had it all put in there.Then 12 million karaoke wannabe's are copying the auto tuner and the "soul sounding" stuff.Diana Ross does not sing like that,never.I am not trying to be all that,I am trying to help you along some and clear some things up for you.I could not accept some offers that came my way.How many people do you see in the gossip rags who have all of the money in the world and nothing good to spend it on.They are very unhappy in their lives.People that do not have money are aware of what they can't buy,People who have money are acutely aware of the things that money cannot buy.

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