What Can You Do When Somebody Beats You Down?

I think that a lot of us face that,sometimes others seek to crush one down,to make nothing of one's hopes,dreams,and talents.One who is evil-intentioned towards someone seeks to bring about their decline.Efforts to improve one's lot in life to become happier in life can be subject to attacks by ridicule and many other means. What exactly are such people trying to do? They are trying to reduce one downward.To depress one's talents and capabilities.There must be a concept there that one is dangerous to them in some way and you may have to deal with this directly which can be overwhelming if you are already wounded in some way. There is a long range handling that seldom fails. The general plan working against you is that if person A becomes more successful they could be a menace to me,therefore I must do all I can to make person A less successful.For some reason it never occurs to them that they may be making an enemy out of person A although they were not an enemy before.It is almost a certain way for a person courting such madness,such an insane course of thinking by a person from all appearances is completely sane.Until say, they start drinking alcohol to excess for instance,Have you ever met anyone like this?Three drinks and it is off to the races.However/whatever circumstance the object is to to make their target grow less in life and ultimately fail. Unless you wish to embrace such madness and descend to that level,which is very unhealthy for you,spiritually,mentally,and physically...the best way to handle the situation is to flourish in your life and prosper.You may be forced to handle them directly if one must yet you must not sacrifice flourishing and prospering,for that is what they want you to do.That does not specifically relate just to money.Healing,health,and happiness are spiritual values that generate from within you. If your aims in life are worthwhile with sound spiritual precept.One will surely wind up the victor.Hopefully without harming a hair on their head. Flourish and prosper my brothers and sisters! Peace out.

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