What Does One Need For Success?

A synergy of all elements.Everyone all pulling in the same direction.That is a hard thing to get together and even harder to maintain it,you have got to be dealing with people who are going to sway away.That also is to be expected because success is a journey and not a destination.You don't really learn from success you are savouring it and riding the crest of it,it is the product of a well thought out and executed plan.Success is to be enjoyed.It is a favorable result.If you have it today that does not mean you are going to wear it tomorrow.If you are successful with anything it is going to be copied the next day by many people.If you are wearing it today savour and relish it.Be thankful for a moment to hold it in your hands.Don't be an ass about it,make sure you share the credit for it with everyone that took part in it.Show them your appreciation.We are all just the crew here you see.Allow everyone involved to enjoy the ride and take pride in it.becuase if you are anyone you came through failure to be successful.And it is in failure that you either learn or you quit trying and cave in.That is dismal failure.Success can appear to you in a way that you did not originally plan.It is still success.The journey led you to the same place.Success creates interest.You can build upon that.The journey is now leading you to the next part of the destination.

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