What is The Biggest Production Problem?

Star trips,selfish little children demanding their own way.Playing head games with the production.Only a very few of my artists come off that way,the thing that makes the sound you see is synergy.I do not and will not cater to star trips,ego trips.Making everything just a big drag for everyone.When I sense that happening,now that I am wiser you are fucking gone,yer just gone and I don't care how you feel about it.I have grouped together a bunch of dedicated people coming in to work.We want to work hard and have fun.and in you come and everyone has to bow down to your greatness and serve your petty ego and all of the stupid shit you come up with to be a major distraction to the project.And you are no better or more important than anyone else here.If you are so great do it yourself.We are all just the crew here you see.The cable page for the film crew is just as important as you.I am in the control room with the engineer and we are just looking at each other saying  WTF?I get so angry and I should not because I can more easy just dismiss you from the project and from my life.If you are so great let's see what you can do on your own which will be nothing.You make things much harder than they really are.As I said this is a very rare case with the fellow artists I work with.I ain't going to let you hang me up in a bind.I only stop long enough to taste the wine.

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