What Is Your Current Official Project?

To make it through today and play the gig tonight.I am in session doing an album,the session is also a workshop as it is a teaching session in part for recording engineer students.rgis is win/win as it reduces my studio rates and I get to work at a great studio and own the masters.As well as a lot of fun in my role as "Dr. Funkenstein."The lead single has turned into a film project as well so the going is kind of slow.I am still doing live work onstage yet I have semi-retired from that if you can call it that because the work keeps coming in.I am much more into production and composition,it is more fun to me to do meaningful work that is going to last than to be a "rockstar."I do not want to carry the load of having a band right now.I carried that sack of cement for a long time.It led to some fantastic moments no doubt.How can I explain to you to walk onstage with my guitar and hit a chord and a riot erupts...Boom,Boom!you are struggling to get up to the mic to sing still playing your guitar with three pretty girls hanging on you?Your guitar cannot be heard because a sexy tight ass is pressed against the strings.The pedals on your guitar synth are being stepped upon and suddenly you are playing "Philly brass" instead of the piano.How much would you pay for that expierence to happen to you?You look around to see the band and they are hidden by all of the people dancing onstage.Then it is the end of the show and you have got to pack up and go.The girls want to be with you but you have got to roll out and haul ass.And in our case for so many times we also had to escape a lynch mob to get the bus to the interstate.Serious man,people wanted to hang us from a tree.Some of the ladies would follow you from town to town."Where are you next?" "Tuscaloosa,tomorrow night." "I'll be there."Sure enough that was true and these ladies came to understand you as a human being,moreso than even the sex how good it was to have a friend to enjoy a quiet little dinner with or maybe she would help you get your laundry done.But my real lady was my guitar,to this day my black leather jacket smells of the perfume and sweat of these wonderful women.We never had to "shill" an audience to make this happen,pay girls to riot for us as The Beatles did,as The Stones did.a catholic all girls school was pais to transprot the girls to the airport in NYC to greet these two groups annpuncing the arrival of "Beatlemania" to America.Ed Sullivan got that all together and it was brilliant marketing.They even made all of those signs for the can't blame them for that our call them names,they were selling a concept and America bought it.Elvis did not have to do that.He just did his thing and it happened.His marketing was built upon what he did.He did not have to manufacture girls screaming and rioting,pay them to do it,that was just the way that it was.The girls would riot in the cinemas just to see him on the screen.Nobody had to be paid to do that,it was just going to happen and the marketing department knew that,all they had to do was present it.With out him none of this would have existed for anyone.There would be no Mick Jagger or Paul Mccartney,those are two guys who would have left the business.John Lennon would have returned to school,Keith Richard would have become a plumber who played guitar at the local pub on the weekend.Pink Floyd would never have existed.Such is why Elvis is the king of rock and roll,others will make that claim who followed him in,and they are tremendous artists but this is a business you see,it comes down to sales figures and he was the first rock and roll artist to be heard on broadcast radio and the first artist to sell rock and roll records to the tune of millions of copies.Always a gentlman,a very kind and generous person.His media persona is not to far from his personal life.Of course he was hard and road tested yet at the same time very humble and unassuming.His film contract with Paramount really messed him up.It removed him from performing live for eight years when he was in his prime.Most of the films were pretty lame but not one of them lost money.A claim even the most consummate film actors cannot make.As soon as he honored that contract he got back onstage and remained there the rest of his short life.Every single night was a total sellout.Yes he had a few bad nights in which he was not up to par but for 99.9 percent he delivered beyond the expectations of the audience.coverew\d every style of popular music you could imagine.And made it his own.As a band we cut our teeth in the American South.Our plan after we got the show down and escaped enough lynch mobs was to go to Chicago or NYC together and start out fresh with a good agent.At that time still existed down south the TOBA, or Theater Owners Booking Association.Tough on black artists we called it.Through our agent we were under contract to them.Despite all of the racial problems created by my black rock and roll band we made good commissions for them.And we got our little pay too.So they did not want to let us go.Chip was very angry with me about this."We have the bus to live in,we have the material to do any show,we have all of the equipmsnt,let's split and go to New York,fuck these rednecks!"We also had amongst us maybe 600 bucks and some odd change.A bus with a music city tag that was two years expired and no plan of action,such as touring up the east that time even if the bus mad it to NYC we would have been eaten for lunch in that big town.Later on of course we did make it to NYC in a jet plane to record for a major league producer.(oo)(oo).But this was an organized thing,the sad thing on it was that the producer wanted me to stay and do sessions for him and drop the band."It would be much better for your son to grow up here and I can give you all of the work you need to do very well."Unlike the band the producer was mostly concerened with the welfare of my son.Who made the trip with us and was no hinderance at all.The band,with the exception of Andre Mack, wanted me to place my son in foster care with The State Of Florida.Just as easy as that,I had turned down a potential spot on guitar with The Allman Brothers because I had to take care of my baby.No way was it possible for me to go on the road replacing Warren ideal spot mind you yet I had to be concerned with more important things,I had to be "Mommy." I would not trade that expierence for anything you could offer me in this world.I had to fight a battle royale with The Great State Of Florida just to obtain sole custody of my infant son.I went from a rockstar wannabe to this guy carrying a baby around everywhere I went and the baby is fast asleep holding on to Daddy.Safe and sound.People would get angry about it,"is that all he does is sleep?"I would put my finger to my lips and say "Shhhh,he is resting up."The band with their cold comments about me giving him up to foster care,I forgive them of that,they did not understand.They did not mistreat him.They were worried about him in their own way.our road trips were very dangerous at times with people shooting at us,no place for a baby.My parenting skills range from being voted "Best Mom On The Block" by NAFE)National Association of Female executives) in 2003 to pretty crappy.Babies are pretty easy to work with,you feed them,clean them,dress them, and make them feel safe and secure and it is all wonderful.When they become teenagers it all changes and they now know that you are not perfect.I say put all of the good into them whilst you can.They will remember and come around again.They will relate to you as a human being and not a harassing parent.Especially when the grandchildren arrive.That is the reward time for being a good for me it was not all about the music,it is the best thing I do yet I was shown there is much more to life than that.That baby child is a young man now.How wonderful it is to sit down and have a man to man talk with your son.You are learning from him.Now he is taller then you.You both share a good hearty laugh.You might not catch this but after he arrived here everything that I do or have done is for him.He will ride on the steel rails I built for him.My joy was to have work to do that I love with an intended purpose.Far future advanced.It is not a style or a trend you see,it is a feeling and the expression of that feeling.It became a reality.The limelight well i had my moments there I am leaving here to go play a gig to a packed house.But that packed house is not going to be there everynight.Sometimes you have got to play to only six people and are fortunate if you get paid anything.I play to that six people the same way I would play to 60,000 people.The pressure is on me to cave and give up.I cannot do that,failure is not an option to me.To leave me cowering in fear? You have got the wrong guy here to do that.I am a professional entertainer.I have got to move or fall forward if necessary.This is not a dream I am chasing,this is my life and my purpose for being here at all.I am sorry that you cannot respect that and going further that you will not lend your support to it.Not even to the work I have done for chairitable causes.I am not going to be bitter about that,you will catch my drift one day.I have got to go now.I have a gig to play.Thank you for visiting and reading,dig the music,today it is on my nickle.

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