What Is Your Take On Bryant "Chip" Collins,Your great Live Bassist Of So many Years?

Brilliant,very underscored was his importance to the band,although when he talked we listened.Ultra sensitive.He always had a major say in anything we put together.Absolutely incredible showman onstage live.To share his company was to be in the presence of genius.To share the stage with him an honor and a joy.You can see in the films that we were not competing with each other,it was just a wild fluid thing,some moves we worked out but not too many.Because we were a racially mixed rock and roll band we always worked in the deep south with the whole world against us.I think the best moment I shared onstage with him was in a honky tonk where some guy in front used the N word and threw his drink on Chip and we both danced to the front of the stage and kicked that guy in the face on cue!Oh man! It looked choreographed!he went down like a sack of potatoes and was removed by the bouncers.

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