What On The Current Project?

It is still on yet I have really been taken aback by the passing of Michelle Rene and Susan Gray.We were searching for Michelle Rene to get her on this project and found out the terrible news.We also found out that she did interviews and one final recording session the day before she died,thanks to her dad we have collected these materials for presentation.The profile of the amazing courage of this young lady is very inspiring.At the same time so ironically, a message from a dear friend led me to learn that Susan Gray was also lying upon her deathbed.Totally stricken with cancer.I had the opportunity several times to speak with Susan who was surprisingly uptempo since she had been unable to eat since last November and she was very willing to be interviewed and do a piano recording session for me to par up with on "Amazing Grace" Michelle's last song in this world,all she had the strength for was the first verse and Susan and I Planned to finish it.But alas time on earth ran out for Susan as well.And until the end she was equally as fearless.

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