When Did The Shift Towards Being More Vocal Oriented Occur?

"Donna" primarily yet it had been festering for a few years.And I was into more and more heavier training.I was doing the lion's share of all of the music and it was big production,and the vocals had to climb up over that.You are cutting a vocal track and in your headphones all of this music is slamming away.Thus you can't do a lot of subtle things,you don't have a lot of breathing room.I was not relaxed at all I was wound up as tight as I could get.And for it's place in time and the style I was happy with what I did.I began to get very comfortable at the lead vocal mic.Much looser and more experimental and way more control.What once was a chore is now the way I have fun.My voice teacher brought a lot of technique and discipline to me,I was capable of much more range yet that was not developed in terms of strength and control.For example as simple a thing as a half hour 45 minute full warm up before you begin makes all the difference in the world.You want to be as hydrated as possible,saliva both lubricates and protects.Then you start cutting good tracks right away,you have the feel and are not slipping into it.You are not pulling sharp and flat.Vibrato is working max level.Confidence and control.You have to work on it everyday also.It can get rusty very fast.Yet I don't know, most of you would figure that an auto-tuner would make a marginal or shitty singer sound good.As the old song once said "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby." A lot of pop producers have just gone mad with this device and it can make a production just take forever to complete.

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