When do I need a license to post a video?

This is the professional way to do it.If you are going to sell the song you need a mechanical.If you are producing a video you need a sync.Your bases are covered.You have taken the time and effort to produce a thing you want to release.You are putting out a couple of extra bucks to INSURE that your own interests are covered.Perhaps your thing is really taking off well and it gets pulled or you get sued.A copyright infringement suit is a nasty piece of business.It’s your life and you can do whatever you want,yet ignorance of the law is not a defense in a courtroom.And I am talking a professional project here.If you are just doing stuff for fun or shot a video of a band you really liked at a club doing a cover song and you posted it,your not hoping to monetize it,I don’t think you would have to worry to much,If it takes off you just may have to sign some papers giving the rights and credits to the actual owners.They get the free advertisement! Yet for a project that is commercial,the licensing fees are pennies on the dollar you have to buy the songwriter and publisher a very nice spag dinner and they will toast you instead of roast you! I hopes this helps you and good luck! Read more: Wait! Don’t post that music video on YouTube without a sync license! – Comments Page 1

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