Where do You Feel you Now Stand As An Artist?

"Let me get my horn out of the case so I can blow it!The key is e flat.Frank, as you know it hasn't been an easy ride yet it is a question of how one responds to the challenges,If you've had an easy time you have not gained strength,the low hanging fruit is not there anymore you have to go out on a limb for it.You have to look around and find your ideas.Refine your strengths,work on your weak points.Develop your skills.Discover what the message is that you want to bring forth and who you want to bring it too.If you are striving to go further than just to perform for family or friends or at the pub on the weekend to be successful what you are doing has to strike up a conversation with who you hope your audience is to be.They have to feel and be able to relate themselves to what you are doing,put themselves into it.Of course that has always been true Yet now we are in the digital age and you have got three seconds to relate or the channel gets flipped.Thou can no longer bullshit thyself,one must make serious decisions which require focus and serious dedicated preparations.And you need a ways and means.This leads to an interaction with other people and you have got to weed that out also, to work with quality people you must present yourself as quality also.Quality people are doing things,they are busy and don't have time to screw around.I have been really blessed in that regard.When you can motivate quality people to pull in the same direction as you that activity begets activity.You just can't hang to long with flakes or you will become one.I did not desire to stay in the same place as an artist,continue to follow the same formulas and run it into the ground again and again.I did not want to spend the rest of my life singing "Reeling and Rocking" in pubs all over the place.I mean that is fun and all yet it is not the statement I would wish to be remembered for.And it is not an ego question either,It is not right to consider that one artist is better than the other,every artist is just doing their thing.They all appreciate their differences.Ego trips and star trips are not tolerated here,I refuse to deal with a childish mindset like that.We are all just the crew here,that is how it works.The proof of course is in the pudding and I feel very happy and rewarded by the new project I am involved in.I haven't started the conversation yet

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