Where Is The Film At?

The edits on the antichrist shoot turned out well.I am at my most sinister.One more shoot for the other role,the good guy, "Johnny Punchclock" a much more difficult shoot.the guy who always does the right thing,I stole his girl,I turned her on and seduced her,then I turned her out,just like Eve back in the garden,she turned her back on him and would do anything I asked,I deceived her.My plans were to use her like one of my Cohiba cigars,I would smoke her while she was hot and then crush her when she burned out.When she began to bore me and I tired of creating illusions for her.Yet something went so wrong,I fell in love with her,I am not capable of that,,she slipped away and ran back to him,she tried to tell him of the horrible things she had done and he touched a finger to her sweet lips and said "hush,that is all over now,no more of that,I forgive you.I don't want you to know that is something I have no power over.Selfishness and greed,the lust of the eye,I created and control that.The power to truly forgive is a holy and clean thing.I cannot bear to inhabit such an environment.It weakens me to much.She is so happy in her jeans and tee-shirt.And so hot,and she is all Johnny's girl.

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