Who Is Your Favorite Drummer?

David Hughes,"Davy Boy"The power plus the control.Every time I was on a bill with him,just as a bassit...we always had such fun working together.Then I requested that he do the sessions for "Donna." And I was so rough on him,"I Want you to beat the livingshit out of that kit.I want full extensions on everything you do!"I was cutting the bass composite track and just was watching how magnificent he was working the session,how tight he was rolling the pocket so i just drifted off and naturally he just drifted off too.His stuff is just so badassed.I was yelling at him through ther phones "You can play harder than that!"He is the guy you see on drums with comedic genius Dennis Lee,so he works 5000 seat rooms three times a day.Nobody records like this anymore but this is the way that it is done.

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