Why Don't You Have A Live Band Together And Are Working That?

Good question you have there.That use to always be my priority was to have a working live band.And today there are tons of bands around every corner.But it is not like back in the day when we were young and would sleep out on the beach.And the clubwork was an easy 6 nights a week.Plus go and play my hammond organ at the after hours club.Every night these clubs were packed and now you are fortunate to be able to find weekend work.Most of the time I have got to go on the road with T-Blue and play bass for him.Which is all very cool with me.People now want in the local clubs Karoke or a dj.Not live music,the younger generation cannot even relate to live performance.They DEMAND lip-synch,it is not real to them until it is proven to be fake.And karoke,you have a few very talented singers doing that,yet most of that is pure dogshit.And if you can really sing why are you not making your living as a singer?So to audition and put together a live group I have got to gaurantee that we will have the work and that they will get paid.Every week.It is not a selfish thing like you may think,you want to and are happy to pay your people.My guys earned their money and I want them to have it.But to put a live band together today?Maybe tomorrow.I do not have to deal with that anymore.

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