You Appear to Be Now Paying Much More Attention To Your Vocals....

I am still doing the lions share of all of the music but yes things have come more to lay for the vocals.More time spent on them,more free to experiment with it.I have always I felt been very underrated as a singer.kind of partitioned into a box on most tours I worked into only doing two or three rock numbers,real high energy stuff to pick up and knock the house down.It would not even have been considered I could sing anything serious.Its part sound, part accent, part inflection and part performance intention.This left me with some hangups in that I grew to believe that was all I could do.My sister gave me the coups de gras one day telling me i was dogshit as a singer."You have a horrible voice,you have no range,no tone ,no expression, and no dynamics.You are just somebody that gets up onstage and shouts,a fucking clown."I don't think for all of the bad things I have had said to me anything ever hurt me like that.And I am a good singer,a professional,since I was a kid people would pay me to sing without complaint.I took stock in that and thought,"I think things that I can't sing,Maybe a vocal coach can help me.That led to two years of voice lessons and coaching,many thanks to Lynette Cordoso,"Frenchy if you can think it and feel it you can sing it.Yet you need to train the right muscles,you need to learn how to breathe again." There are many tips and tricks to it.You have to know what your body is doing and how to control it,you think somebody just walks in and knocks off a recording like Frank Sinatra.You have got to warm up,you have got to cool want to be real loose with it having the time of your life!Blowing your producer away!Yet again that is just my story,oh trust me I know and treasure some artists that are genius,they just do it,I have got to work at it to bring it forward.

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