You Are Acting Again?

The film stuff is all pretty cool,yet my desire is to get into the album project,much more work and much more planning has gone into that.The camera yes,and that is great you know.that kind of escapes planning though cause I could just do some crazy thing for a second that would make people crack up laughing and that would be okay with me.The filming,first of all...storyboard, something has to be planned out,,that is a production meeting.A location for the set,that is a day or two of driving around and looking at places.Then you have to ask permission from whoever owns it to shoot there.if they give you permission,many times they will request that you insure the set. when you register the set with the film commission they will demand that.10 grand for personal or property damage.Yes of course you can sneak around that a lot.which is kind of fun,I mean once you are in place and doing it and it is a professional thing you can get it done.Yet you could be arrested for trespassing and all kinds of stuff.the biggie here being somebody getting hurt or property being damaged in that order.Look at what happened to the pussy girls in Russia,two years in prison and not just them but the film crew too which is not reported, from a film shoot.that I bet is some harsh prison time,"What are you in for?" "Shooting a music video."I would not want to do two years in any prison to be famous.If that set was registered with the film commission nothing would have happened.So perhaps you get my drift here.In the USA the police, if someone called them, for the most part I think they would just shut down the shoot and everyone go home.If it was a registered shoot,you had the license in your hand they would hang out guard the shoot.The proof of a real pro shoot is the presence of the taco wagon for the film crew to nosh in.The police officers are gazing at it,"Officers,if you haven't had lunch yet help your self by all means there is plenty to go around."

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