You Can Do Better,You Can Do More!

"As time rolls along,with my experience,I see that I want to make the tune as simple as possible.That is my thing and how I relate to it.I want the music to be organic.Real instruments being played.I am writing and performing for people,not virtuoso's.I could play something great,sing and harmonize very complicated things. The thing is,aww shucks,Nashville had a very strong influence upon me.Great producers and recording engineers had an influence upon me.The less that you can do and make it stick,because it is so viable,the more you can do with it.Originally I thought."Fuck That" I am gonna cram every space.Do long intro's and such.Experiment,and that is good,people my dig that.Yet as a professional songwriter cutting a tune you have to get right down to business,the first three seconds has to hold the listener.Live you can do what you want to do.An audience wants to see you do it (that is talent)And you can stretch it out more.Any great producer will realize what you do and cut it down. They will not walk away from you.There are moments when they will leave the control room to talk to you.This is the time to be an artist not an asshole,they are not going to rack your case,"I love what you are doing,but I feel you could concentrate just on the whole notes.They have the big picture in mind.or maybe it is "could you try a little harder."I do not consider this selling out or any of that crap,I,as an artist will beg them if necessary to do this for me.

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