You Don't Work Onstage Anymore?

Come on man,I never stopped doing that,since I was what?12 years old.I grew up in a poor family after my Dad passed away and my mother had four children to deal with.I delivered newspapers before and after school.Playing in a band paid good bread,she was not real thrilled about me playing in bars when I was a kid but money had to be coming in.And I am all about working,there were all kinds of places to play live music,not just clubs,high school dances,church dances,The YMCA,picnics,fairs,business grand openings,colleges,frat parties.And to this day I am with that simply as a supporting member of somebody Else's act.I had been through many years and many shows with my own groups,I feel I am in a better space now.when you are young and working in clubs with a good agent you feel you are really going places until you find that you are just going round and round,your life is as secure as your next three bookings.(If you are not double booked!)Again when you are young you are up to it.Sleeping on the beach is an adventure!But oh alas you are not going to stay young.Nor are your friends.Justin Beiber is going to be a geezer someday.Sooner than you may believe!Young guys are going to ride by him on bikes in the park and knock his hat off!You would not want to do that to me because I would have to kick your ass handily.

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