You Like Colorama Studios?

Oh yes,I do rhythm tracks there.Les is wonderful to work with and they understand where I am coming from.In fact it is always set up to do rhythm trakcs in.It sits on four woody acres and the studio is set up like a comfy livingroom,fireplace bar and all.Pro tools Ten with duel avalon guitar pre-amps,these in digital recording are critical to have going when you are recording because mp3 files really thin out guitar tracks,you have got to even on really clean stuff have to be recording at maximum headroom.mp3 files thinout the guitar tracks.And the the studio guitar collection.When I recorded at Morrisound I met a couple of guys that brought in fifty guitars.i cringed at the thought of carrying all of that around.My personal collection is small,just a couple of axes that I really love and can Pay personal attention to.Yet I also have had collections of guitars to die for and each of them has different types of qualities that lend so much to recording.Different voices.That is why those guys carry those guitars,these are million dollar guitar players.You may see them onstage with just one or two guitars yet when they made their recording they used fifty different guitars.A gibson does not sound like a rickenbacker and vise-versa,neither of them sound like a fender,I hate telecastors,they are very incomfortable to hold,except the newest ones which are their best!Yet nothing sounds like a tele.My producers who are advanced guitar players choose which ones I will use.I love this,it doesn't bug me at all,I know how to operate all of them you see.I know their quirks as well,playing a firebird,if you let your left hand go free the guitar neck will drop all the way down to your ankles.The thing is I songsound like the million dollar guitar players.the atmosphere is totally relaxed,very clinical yes but we know we are going to drop a take today.The thing is to make it your best take.People involved in my sessions,some of them engineering students,they want to have an expierence.I do too,bring something to life.I can't stop doing it,I love it too much.

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