You Missed A Lot Of Other Things Because You Were So Into Your Music!

I have to think about that sometimes,for a passing moment.I cleaved to this thing from the time I was a child.I raised up a baby son as a single parent.At that time also I had to turn down a major rock band offering me the perfect spot,no way could I go on the road again and these guys were wild children,they LIVED it just as they played it.And that was my thing as well HARDCORE Southern Rock.For so long I paid all of my dues.A lot of cats would abandon their babies to get it on with this.I took my baby son with me everywhere I went.I slipped through the cracks because I was associated with good people.And I own the rights.Even on my covers.Yes I have to pay the royalties,a couple of bucks, yet I can do anything I want to with my covers.I own my covers.the art took first place,well...I am an artist,the cream rises to the top no matter of what.What my baby son needed he had...and it was so much fun to be his Dad and Mommy!We have so much fun together.I want him to step in as the lead explore his dreams.To me he was already a man as an infant.I guess he was just born a big dog.As an infant he did not whine and cry,as long as he had Daddy everything was good.Oh Lord of my life,THANK YOU!I stepped up to the plate and took my swing,my beloved father created and is always with me.I just c'aint help it...I have such a wonderful father and the ...ahhh,my MOM!!!!!!!!!? For the whole score here for all to see.My Dad passed onward real quick,My mother was always there for me.She did not fail her husband,she agreed to rock some passionate sex with my beloved Father and I am!?I adored my dad yet my mom was my best soldier.Had it not of been for her,none of this intense stage play would have occurred thanks for reading,you are a part of it so join in...send some feed back to me!

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