You Still Have A Regular Job? Full Time?

Yes of course I do silly!Years ago back to my youth oh yes I just played full time,things were still good then and there was plenty of work to be had,if you weren't tied down or had a family to care for you could be a journeyman musician.If things got tight you could crash on a friend's couch.To get paid 3 yardnotes a week to play and sing,you could make it on that.Prices for things weren't so high as they are now.Every Holiday Inn or major hotel had a lounge running live music 6 nights a week.The same for clubs,lined all up and down the street,many clubs had "house" bands and some of the cats (The family men) would both work and play full time.When you are younger you can swing this you know?There was also a lot of temp labor jobs so if you were between gigs you could bring in decent money as a temp until you got the next gig going.Prices of things were much lower and the dollar had much more value.The kiss of death came to this scene when the legal drinking age was made to be 21 instead of 18.That was the first hit.People were just having to much fun in the eyes of straight society who want slaves and robots not free spirited happy people who work hard at their jobs and then let their hair down and enjoy the fruits of their labors.They worked all day so they could dress up and dance all night!That really bugged the squares who are greedy and all they care about is money and more of it.So then the cost of gasoline was raised astronomically, a product really that is produced very cheaply at staggering profit,this in turn raised the prices of all goods because they have to be transported.Oh how the wealthy then got so much richer yet you know it is never enough.And they live miserable lives.Plus they are to lazy to take guitar or piano lessons.And they desire to have mindless slaves to do the work that brings them the money.Any type of creative thinking for a slave is stifled and shunned.Forbidden.They will take your innovative ideas from you as long as they can take the credit for them for free or next to nothing.In 2008 a recession was created giving them the illegal right to deduct your already to low wages by 6 percent.Funny thing here.Their bonus did not go down,it increased as they rubbed their greedy little hands together.

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