You To Play In The DPRK?They Would Kill You Homeboy!

No they would not.I would be there as their guest.It would just be a very special tour and I would want to come back home.A time of truce and cultural exchange.I don't have a band now so I would have to work with DPRK artists.I find their art,music, and dance to be first rate.Can you even imagine an entire nation of people that have never heard "Johnny B. Goode?"I would be representing my nation that I love and it's people.Not as a big wig power diplomat,as an average American artist.The isolation of this nation is not good for is not good for all of us.There are many problems between our two nations,a lot of tensions.You know sometimes folks can let a little loose and enjoy some good music and good food/fellowship and things don't seem to be quite as bad.I would not plan to defect or long as I am on the peninsula I would like to perform in South Korea also.The best interest for the people of Korea is a unification.These are families torn apart.I do not feel that communism works,in fact it ends up far worse capitalism a free market economy where you have a select few elite that live very good lives and the proletariate is starving at poverty level or far below.This elite group sets up a tightly controlled police state and if you make any waves at all off you go to the prison camp and not just you but your whole family to to be totally de-humanized. The entire country with the exception of the capital city has been turned into an unproductive wasteland.All but for the benefit of a select few at the expense of everyone else.The state is far from any type of self-sufficiency,they need the support of foreign aid and loans from the world bank to make it. In the beginning of the split of The korean Peninsula both sides were essentially equal.And for quite a long time The DPRK was far ahead of South Korea in terms of industrial output and social progression.They had the full support of the former USSR.And they were moving forward living far better than their brothers and sisters in The South who struggled day to day under a harsh and cruel military Regime.So what happened?The DPRK digressed into a weird militarstic totalarian dictatorship and the South threw off their military dictatorship and became a progressive free market economy.Personally I will tell you that a South Korean made Epiphone guitar will rival in quality and craftsmanship anything made in The USA. The end result either way is the same,the selfish greed of the few overides the benefit of all.Let us take a look in America at the city of Detroit,Michigan.A city that at one time was a marvel to the world.Today it is a junkyard inhabited by wild dogs.What happened..the big three automakers sat down at a meeting with a gentleman who was going to revolutionize the quality and production of American made motorcars.They would be the most reliable and dependable cars in the world.You would be so happy with your purchase that you would by one and drive it for years then you would trade it in (the next guy would buy a good used car) and return as a satisfied customer and buy a new car from the big 3.The internal combustion engine of an automobile was such a simple design for a great engineer,that motor if maintained properly, for would run forever.The big 3 had other ideas and spent tons of money on quality engineers to produce "planned obsolecence."Additions worked into a motorcar that would guarantee it would break down.(what are rod bearings?)So the consumer would be motivated to buy a new car.Even the "caddilac" emblems were built to fall off of the car within two years.The big three said "Thank you for your ideas my friend,now take a hike."And the guy did,he saved up his bread and took a trip to Japan to speak with their automakers who were looking to break into the US market.Now take a look at Detroit,you could buy a wonderful house there for 300 dollars,not down mind you...300 dollars,they were asking for 5 hundred but will take three.Nobody would touch that house with a ten foot pole.The trade unions share in this guilt insisting that the workers be paid more and more with more benefits yet they were no longer on the cutting edge of commercial automoblie manufacturing.They were producing inferior gas guzzling products.The SUV...a musician ought to always own a van,the station wagon was the perfect family car.Yet now you have the SUV.It will hold 8 passengers plus all you need to have a family picnic or weekend campout,and you see one person behind the wheel burning fossli fuel like there is no tomorrow sitting at a red light.A huge v-8 sucking up gas just to idle.Where a 4 cylinder would do just as good of a job at less than half of the operating cost.You do the math if you can.

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