Alabama Bound

Rene Labre/American Impact


I'm Alabama bound, I'm Alabama bound. And if the train doesn't stop to turn around, I'm Alabama Bound. 1st verse You ought to be like me, you ought to be like me, open up your heart and let the kingdom lead. (repeat chorus) The TV preacher's at his stand, the TV preacher's at his stand. he'll pass his hat around, his teaching is teaching brothers and sisters shoot your money to me. (repeat chorus) I thought I found a good girl, I sweeted her to be my wife. She brutalized the baby so bad, Thank you LORD we got out and the baby's doin' fine. He's doin' fine! (repeat chorus) The judge he walks up to his bench, on his face he wears a frown, he wishes he could wash his hands, I am praying to GOD the truth prevails somehow. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL SOMEHOW! (REPEAT CHORUS) I am gonna leave you here. PLEASE DON'T YOU LEAVE ME HERE! Give us a dollar for beer, "Cause we know you ain't going with us any how. (repeat chorus) Writer:Hugie Ledbetter arranged and adapted by Rene Labre