Rene Labre/American Impact
John Porter/Rene Labre/Terry Brennen (RIP)


From the catalog of my tenure as lead guitarist for the Crawdaddy Blues band.John came up with the concept and most of the lyrics,I added some lyrics and borrowed some from Robert Johnson plus did the structure of the music with Terry.This was a great blues band and we lived it as we played it.When Terry passed away we lost such a crucial dynamic I could not go on with it any longer.I would like to let the music we wrote live on.


Fools tumble and win, might have to try it again. That's what she said,that's what she said. This space is for rent, I don't like wearing these shoes. It feels like I'm losing,feels like I'm losing again. Fools tumble and win, I thought that you were my friend. I watched you turn slowly to walk away, the stars come out and the sun shines my way. I'll make it through another page of this play, I won't be held down a common display. I love hard to make it last, love hard to male it last. If just one time I could win, I've come to far to give in. I am standing knocking upon your door, I turned to leave with my arms folded closed. Fools tumble and win, or has my patience been worn to thin? That special girl with the stars in her eyes, She's not here and it's so hard to get by. Fools tumble and win. Fools tumble and win. Fools tumble and win..... Coptright 2010 John Porter,Rene Labre,The late Terry Brennen